Friday, October 2, 2009

Awwk! My dog ate my Jawbone Prime Bluetooth!

I left Max, one of my Boston Terriers, alone in the living room for just 5 minutes this morning, with my Jawbone Prime Bluetooth and BlackBerry phone sitting on the coffee table. He could have eaten my phone, at least that is insured, but no he went for the Jawbone. Probably because it smells like my Bostons have an ear fetish! If they can't clean your ears, they will clean each others. It is kind of a bedtime ritual with them.

So anyway, I was putting my boots on in the bedroom when Max came in and proudly dropped a small black shiny 'something' at my feet. I thought, "What in the heck are you eating Max?" I picked it up and immediately recognized it as the ear bud cover from my new Jawbone heart skipped a beat as I thought, "Oh NO! Please tell me he got this out of the Jawbone box (they send you lots of different sizes). I ran to the living room and there it was...the chewed up pieces of my Jawbone.

Max was a $350 dog, but this morning he became a $480 dog. If I didn't love him so much I would ring his little neck. At least he didn't swallow it, that would mean an added vet bill. Here it is, 3 pieces of electronic genius with teeth marks and slobber.

I wanted to scream, cry, and pinch myself to make sure this was real. I only had the Jawbone for one month and I LOVED it! I did my research before deciding on the Jawbone Prime. I even ordered it directly from Jawbone so I would get the warranty, I didn't want to take any chances of getting a knock-off without a warranty. I decided to spend the whopping $130.00 buying direct from them because they offered a 'no-questions asked' return policy if I didn't feel that the Jawbone Prime was as good as they said it was.

The dogs (we have three of them) are like our children. They cost you lots of money to keep, but you love them so much and you get so much love in return, that you overlook the cost of food, snacks, collars and vet bills. I guess this is like when your teenager wrecks your car. You are upset, but you will eventually forgive them.

Well, at least now I know that the Jawbone Prime is the BEST Bluetooth that I have ever used and that the noise assassin works exactly like it says it will, and it is so comfortable that I forget I am even wearing it. Guess I better get busy shopping for a new one...Thanks Max!
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